Our Story

                         Conceiving and building a tribute band is not for the faint of heart, especially if it's the music of Pink Floyd.
                               It takes, talent, time, a lot of passion, and a love for the music they'll be performing. With "FLOYD PINK"
                               you get all that and more. Their attention to detail brings the audience along for a true "Floydian" experience.
                               Known for doing "Dark Side Of The Moon" in it's entirety as well as other Pink Floyd hits, "FLOYD PINK"
                               is always a crowd favorite.
                               Featuring six of the New York metro area's finest musicians, and true students of the music of Pink Floyd,
                               "FLOYD PINK' is up to the task. Lead by the talents of, John Anderson, (guitar, vocals) who stay's
                               up at night studying David Gilmour's guitar effects. Then there's Mars, (keyboards) who at the age of 10
                               started taking piano lessons so he could grow up and be just like Richard Wright. Covering the bass parts of
                           Roger Waters is Al Greene, (bass) who is totally up to the task.  Scott Petry, (drums, vocals) as with Nick Mason,
                               hopes to have his own Ferrari collection someday. Joe Adrignola, (saxophone, vocals) who now believes he  
                                is Dick Parry. Rounding out the lineup is, Lisa Freud, ( backing vocals ) 
                         Craig Caselli, marketing and promotion director.
                               These are six passionate musicians who love the music of Pink Floyd, and share this passion with you for an
                               unforgettable show.

                               Pink Floyd has sold more then 250 million albums worldwide, and "FLOYD PINK" celebrates that great 
                               music for the enjoyment of those fans. If you're a fan of Pink Floyd, then you will become a FLOYD PINK fan as well.
                               We'll see you at our shows!